Image of legal pad and laptopReplacing the Trial Lawyer's Legal Pad?

The sheer volume of information in complex cases often makes it difficult for a lawyer to prepare a coherent strategy or to organise arguments and present them in an effective manner. Too often the information you want or wish you had in your case is buried in banker's boxes, a mountain of file folders or on a multitude of legal pads where you've made questions or notes.

Hassnet Ltd engage with legal teams to bring order to this chaos, using IT to create organised evidence files for easy retrieval and analysis, moving through to demonstrate how to organise case preparation, ensuring clients have an edge and are prepared for the unexpected at court.

This year we add to our portfolio ExhibitView™ a new Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) product, which has been selected for its ease of use. Try the 30 day evaluation package.

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  • Document / Evidence Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Training and Consultancy

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Casesoft Suite includes;

  • Casesoft Suite
  • ExhibitView™

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